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Antique long sword Dha from Thailand 19th century

A long two handed Dha sword from Thailand, fully mounted in silver. The handle with an engraved silver covered grip, banded either side with filigree silver wire and terminating in a bud pommel. Fluted collar leading to the blade, which is gently curved. Collection number painted at base of blade. The scabbard with panels of engraved floral scrolling allover. 19th century.

silver dha sword from thailand

Burmese ‘story’ dha sword with silver inlaid blade and hilt

Burmese sword dha with beuatifullt inlaid silver blade depictings figures and script, the handle of silver and inlaid niello… coming soon from Ashoka Arts Fine Arms and Armour Swords and Weapons

Persian Kilij sword added to site, two Persian or afghan shamshirs to be added soon

A fine damascus bladed Kilij sword from Iran with chiselled steel hilt gold inlaid cartouche with arabic writing and scabbard mounts already added to the website, Two Persian or Afghan 19th century shamshirs, and an Afghan Tulwar sword with makers stamps, several Afghan Khyber knives, soon to be added

Antique Chinese swords.. Dao and Jian..

coming soon 4 antique oriental chinese swords, A dao chopper with long horn hilt, an early Jian type with unusual blade, a willow leaf sabre Dao, and another broad-bladed sabre… all with watered damascus steel blades..! to come with the latest update from Ashoka Arts Fine Antique Arms and Armour..!

antique arms and armour.. swords/knives/daggers… Items wanted…!

we are always pleased to aquire new and interesting pieces of antique arms and armour and would be happy to purchase any old piece especially those falling into the categories below:

ethonographic weapons including swords and artefacts from Borneo, Philippines and Indonesia including Dayak Mandaus, Moro Keris and Javan Kris, spears and shields. Far Eastern swords.. chinese daos, vietnamese guoms and kiems, thai and Burmese swords Dha and shields, also any pole arms

Indo Persian and Islamic weapons including swords, shields and shamshirs from Persian and India, dagger and khanjars from Central Asia and southern Indian and Deccan items, kastane and piha khaetta knives from Sri Lanka

Turkish, Balkan and Greek swords yataghans, bichaks, kilij etc

African arms and armour especially 19th century tuareg pieces, lances and shields, Congolese weapons, Zulu and south african clubs and spears, we also deal with Tribal arts including related artefacts such as staffs and beadwork…

and anything else…!!    don’t hesitate to show us or offer your pieces, we offer fast payment and can organize easy shipping with FedEx and other couriers

-Indo-Persian swords and knives especially those with wootz or Damascus blades, shamshirs/helmets/armour
-Keris and parangs from Indonesia, and other swords from that region

-Dayak mandaus/parangs/swords or anything else antique from Borneo

-Russian arms and armour

-ivory hilted swords and daggers
-Moro swords, shields and armour, and other Philippine weapons
-Clubs and Artworks from the Pacific, particularly Maori and Fijian
-Polish, Hungarian swords, weapons and armor
-Azerbaijani, Caucasian, Daghestani swords, pistols, guns, knives including kindjals and shasquas/shaskas
-Nepalese weapons including kukris, longer bladed varieties and unusual examples, also armour
-Central Asian swords and knives/Uzbek/Bukharan
-Swords, shields, armour from Tibet and the Himalayan Plateau region
-Antique Chinese arms and Armour, especially vintage swords, armour and guns
-Antique Bows/Archery equipment especially Turkish/East european/Korean
-Japanese and Korean swords and armour.
-Antique weapons and swords from South East Asia, Dhas from Thailand and Burma/Vietnamese swords/Laotian swords and guns
-Turkish Swords and knives, Ottoman kilijs and yataghans, Balkan swords, Greek swords, knives and artifacts.
-Antique Rhino Horn items, including antique swords and daggers with hilts of horn
-Military WWI and Pre WWI era swords from all countries