Antique Chinese swords.. Dao and Jian..

coming soon 4 antique oriental chinese swords, A dao chopper with long horn hilt, an early Jian type with unusual blade, a willow leaf sabre Dao, and another broad-bladed sabre… all with watered damascus steel blades..! to come with the latest update from Ashoka Arts Fine Antique Arms and Armour..!

antique Chinese Repeating crossbow…

a second rare repeating crossbow Chu-ko-nu from China soon to be added to the store.. this fantastic 19th century bow has been restrung and is fully working allowing the user to see and feel exactly how it would have been used in combat. Used against the British in the 1850’s and the Japanese in the 1890’s, this ingenious and effective weapon has been used in China since the Han dynasty! used against mass troops and with bolts of steel probably poison-tipped.. supplied with a few dummy bolts..

New items.. Brown Bess Muskets + Moroccan dagger

A lovely old Moroccan Dagger, silver mounted with intricate designs on velvet, and a large bulbous solid Rhino horn handle! A fine condition India Pattern ‘Brown Bess’ musket with full ordnance stamping and issue date 1805 complete with stamped bayonet, and an 1756 pattern Long Land Musket..! new items coming soon to Ashoka Arts along with other new swords.

* update~ the Pattern 1756 Brown Bess musket mentioned above appears to be a very rare survival a regimental marked gun from the 18th century. The number 51 appears faintly on the barrel and the escutcheon plate is marked as the 80th musket of the 1st company. This information appears to relate to the famous regiment that surrendered to the French in America in 1755,and were reformed and fought at the Battle of Minden in 1759. This gun appears to have american features and we believe it was originally used in america and through its provenance we believe it may have been used at Minden.

pictures to follow soon..

Antique swords and armour… New look Ashoka Arts website!!!… coming soon….

Look forward to the newly redesigned Ashoka Arts website…. Continuing our bold and original design format emphasing the beauty of antique oriental swords and weapons…. we offer a new selection of high quality antique swords and weapons including Turkish and Persian swords, swords and armour from the Indo-Persian world, tribal weapons from Borneo and Indonesia. We also supply oriental pieces from China, Vietnam and the Far East, and are happy to seek out pieces for the more discerning collector on request.

Fresh from the recent London Arms Fair we are pleased to be able to offer several newly sourced items including a rare Straight silver-mounted Vietnamese Guom or Kiem sword, a fine quality Fakirs parrying weapon Madu with unusually a gilt central shield and gilt bronze spear tips, three very nice examples of Indo-Arab guns from the Hadrumaut of Yemen, and Oman, two very scarce Saintie Indian parrying weapons with spear tips, an early all steel Mughal dagger from North India. Also a fine quality Nepalese Kukri with silver and gold mounts displaying the Royal Nepal coat of arms. We also will be offering a wonderful complete Yemen silver Jambiya dagger with accoutrements mounted on an embroidered belt, very hard to find in complete and good condition. We also have several new spears, silver mounted Thai examples in exceptional condition, Thai bamboo shafted fighting spears, several all steel Indian sangs, and an exceptional quality Indo-Persian Pulwar or tulwar sword from Afghanistan with pierced watered steelwork of great beauty… all coming soon and shortly available to buy online using our new secure shopping cart system. Watch this space… !

antique arms and armour.. swords/knives/daggers… Items wanted…!

we are always pleased to aquire new and interesting pieces of antique arms and armour and would be happy to purchase any old piece especially those falling into the categories below:

ethonographic weapons including swords and artefacts from Borneo, Philippines and Indonesia including Dayak Mandaus, Moro Keris and Javan Kris, spears and shields. Far Eastern swords.. chinese daos, vietnamese guoms and kiems, thai and Burmese swords Dha and shields, also any pole arms

Indo Persian and Islamic weapons including swords, shields and shamshirs from Persian and India, dagger and khanjars from Central Asia and southern Indian and Deccan items, kastane and piha khaetta knives from Sri Lanka

Turkish, Balkan and Greek swords yataghans, bichaks, kilij etc

African arms and armour especially 19th century tuareg pieces, lances and shields, Congolese weapons, Zulu and south african clubs and spears, we also deal with Tribal arts including related artefacts such as staffs and beadwork…

and anything else…!!    don’t hesitate to show us or offer your pieces, we offer fast payment and can organize easy shipping with FedEx and other couriers

-Indo-Persian swords and knives especially those with wootz or Damascus blades, shamshirs/helmets/armour
-Keris and parangs from Indonesia, and other swords from that region

-Dayak mandaus/parangs/swords or anything else antique from Borneo

-Russian arms and armour

-ivory hilted swords and daggers
-Moro swords, shields and armour, and other Philippine weapons
-Clubs and Artworks from the Pacific, particularly Maori and Fijian
-Polish, Hungarian swords, weapons and armor
-Azerbaijani, Caucasian, Daghestani swords, pistols, guns, knives including kindjals and shasquas/shaskas
-Nepalese weapons including kukris, longer bladed varieties and unusual examples, also armour
-Central Asian swords and knives/Uzbek/Bukharan
-Swords, shields, armour from Tibet and the Himalayan Plateau region
-Antique Chinese arms and Armour, especially vintage swords, armour and guns
-Antique Bows/Archery equipment especially Turkish/East european/Korean
-Japanese and Korean swords and armour.
-Antique weapons and swords from South East Asia, Dhas from Thailand and Burma/Vietnamese swords/Laotian swords and guns
-Turkish Swords and knives, Ottoman kilijs and yataghans, Balkan swords, Greek swords, knives and artifacts.
-Antique Rhino Horn items, including antique swords and daggers with hilts of horn
-Military WWI and Pre WWI era swords from all countries