Latest updates to Ashoka Arts, Fine Antique Arms and Armour, Swords and Weapons

Very fine items recently uploaded from ashoka arts Antique Islamic & Tribal Swords & Daggers including Ottomans weapons such as a Silver Yataghan and heavy gilded steel war mace, A rare fine quality caucasian kindjal with watered blade and niello and silver mounts,  A heavy Syrian or Kurdish Shamshir sword with super fine wootz steel blade and silver mounts. And a very rare Asian shaska sword with watered blade and silver mounts, ivory hilt.


turkish or syrian wootz steel bladed shamshir sword (3)caucasian kindjal with ilver ivory and patterned steel blade (3)

Antique Asian oriental curved Sabre with Damascus steel blade
ashoka arts – Rare Antique Asian Sword with Wootz ‘Damascus’ Steel Blade
Turkish or West Persian flanged mace Buzdygan with gold damascening silver and velvet(15)
ashoka arts – very fine 17th or 18th century ottoman turkish flanged war mace with goldwork

Ottoman silver turkish yataghan sword with silver and velvet early 19th century