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Nice T’Boli sword of kampilan style

Stunning antique T’Boli or tboli sword from Southern Mindanao in the Philippines. The T’boli are an indigenous tribal group with an animist religion, very old and reputedly the source of the finest blades in the Philippines. The handles as with this one are frequently made of cast brass with lost wax designs applied with bells and chains, textile and with a wooden sheath often applied with horsehair and brass tubes to the end of the scabbard. Related to the Bagobo people with whom they share many similarities.

Wonderful Antique Bronze Lantaka ship or deck cannon from Borneo/Brunei with crocodile

A superb early Bronze Lantaka deck cannon or swivel gun from Northen Borneo /Brunei. These ornate bronze canons were typically used along the gunwales and decks of ships, most notoriously those used by the Malay pirates who were active in the South China Seas around Borneo and the Philippines. This examples is small, cast from heavy bronze and ornate with a cast crocodile mounted to the front, and also most interestingly has an exploded breech section showing a failure during active firing!! 19th century or earlier

Fine Moro or malay Silver mounted ‘Budiak’ Spears 19th century!!

Fine Moro or malay Silver mounted ‘[Budiak’ Spears 19th century!!  with twistcore blades, and large silver collars beautifully chiselled, very fine quality weapons, the steel watered blades are pattern welded damascus, one with wavy-keris-like blade.  these spears originate from the South Philippines. added