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our new look site coming from ashoka arts with new selection of antique swords and weapons from all over the globe

Sudanese war mace with heavy steel flanges Mahdist War

Very interesting and eyecatching Sudanese war mace with heavy steel flanges. The whole steel flanges, and shaft covered with etched Thuluth magical calligraphy and the mid shaft covered with yellow crocodile hide, used during the Mahdist wars late 19th century. 55 cms. The mahdist forces were finally defeated by the British at Omdurman



Large Zulu War Axe, Danakil Somalian Spears for sale

Newly aquired, two fine Danakil tribe Spears from Somalia with leaf shaped steel blades and shafts, A large Sotho/Swazi or Nguni Zulu War axe, robust iron triangular blade with wire wrapped head.  Fine African Arms and armour from ashoka arts!

A host of new items to be added to ashoka arts

coming soon to the site indian swords, sikh tulwar, zulfiqar and wootz bladed shamshir with gold cartouche, rare indian wootz lance,western australian aboriginal items spear thrower and boomerangs, wonderful Indian matchlock rifle, gold inlaid jade hilted ottoman daggers, zulu spears, silver arab jambiya daggers, early deccan axe, navaja spanish knife, fine bhutanese sword and more!!

Finest Royal Ethiopian Gilt Jewelled shield and Rhino Horn hilted Gurade or shotel sword once belonging to Haile Selassie

coming soon, the finest quality Ethiopian jewelled gilt shield and rhino horn hilted gurade sword en suite owned by Ethiopian Emporer Haile Selassie and presented to Harold Baxter Kittermaster, the Governor of British Somaliland in 1927. A very rare opportunity for the collector of Ethiopian Weapons.

Two antique 19th century Sudanese kaskara swords

Two antique 19th century Sudanese kaskara swords one with islamic arabic calligraphic script, the other with man in the moon makers marks, ‘crusader’ style cruciform leather hilts and broadsword steel blades

Wonderful Antique Bronze Lantaka ship or deck cannon from Borneo/Brunei with crocodile

A superb early Bronze Lantaka deck cannon or swivel gun from Northen Borneo /Brunei. These ornate bronze canons were typically used along the gunwales and decks of ships, most notoriously those used by the Malay pirates who were active in the South China Seas around Borneo and the Philippines. This examples is small, cast from heavy bronze and ornate with a cast crocodile mounted to the front, and also most interestingly has an exploded breech section showing a failure during active firing!! 19th century or earlier

Antique Moro Philippine Spear..! and A 19th century Dayak / Dyak spear with Danish Provenance

Antique Moro Philippine Spear..! and A 19th century Dayak / Dyak spear with Danish Thorkild Muller Provenance, both with good steel blades, brass collar to the Budiak with a sword cut! the Dayak spear confiscated from headhunting Dyak tribesmen during the early 2oth century!

Antique Chinese swords.. Dao and Jian..

coming soon 4 antique oriental chinese swords, A dao chopper with long horn hilt, an early Jian type with unusual blade, a willow leaf sabre Dao, and another broad-bladed sabre… all with watered damascus steel blades..! to come with the latest update from Ashoka Arts Fine Antique Arms and Armour..!